It's A Miracle!!!
OMG! I was so ashamed to completely smile in front of people and I would never take pictures with my complete face. I would always turn to the side or take them at an angle so nobody would notice. I also had this really dark yellow stain on my tooth since 8th grade and it went away in the first 2 30 minute cycles. I cried so many tears of joy when i took off the plastic and the light off. Now i take pictures upclose of my face and im nowhere near embarrased. I brush my teeth 3 to four times a day now which is good cuz i only used to do 2 a day. They look so good that im scared to go back to the way they were. I am definately going to keep using Smile Bright at least once every 3 weeks. Best product ever. Thanks guys. You are life changers.
I've used this product before and it's fantastic! They routinely run sales so I wait for them and pounce. Definitely grab one if you're serious about whitening your teeth!
The shipping was fast, I received my package in about 4 days which was great. I got instant results and my teeth look MUCH better! I'd definitely recommend this product. I tried Coco White and got no results... I'm glad I found Smile Bright!
Absolutely Amazing
I absolutely adore this product! I never thought my teeth wod ever be this white! Thank you, smile bright!
great product!
My wife's teeth went from an 11 to a 5 and mine went from a 6 to a 4. We shared a kit with 1 tube. It works!
The shipping was fast, I got it within a week of ordering. Comes with instructions and it is easy to use for the results you get in return.
Great Results
Fast Shipping. Great results. I am hooked.
Great product
Fast shipping and kit was exactly as described. Works great!
I have literally used it for two days (didnt do the back to back on the first day only cause i didnt wanna risk having sensitivy).
It is soooo easy! And you see instant results! I definitely recommend it! (I got my brother and dad hooked on it too lol)
Great Product!!!
great product... I am soooo recommending this product to family and friends...

It works
Smile bright was a dream come through for safe, easy and inexpensive teeth whitening.
An actual product that works!! Smile Bright is amazing!!
Fast shipping.,.,.complete kit makes it easy to use! Clearly a winner in my book.
very good
excellent product work best for me
Love it!!
I was skeptical about ordering at first because soo many people were complaining about not receiving their products, but I got my kit a week after ordering. I used it right away. It's really easy to use and I noticed a slight difference after the first treatment. $25 was a steal for this kit....esp after my dentist said it would be $300 for them to do it
Love it
Fast delivery. Very pleased with product. Results after 1st use. No stinging sensation or discomfort to gums.

Yes! It Reach!
Well Dear, this is the right product! Although it stings a REALLY WORKS! Other teeth whitening
products take long to come, but this here makes your teeth reach! The stains are lifting! Order Now!
Simple & Easy
What I like about this product is that it is simple to use & very easy. Although, I'm not seeing results as fast as I would love to, I will continue using this product just because it only takes 30 minutes of your day. So sit back & relax and just start whitening your teeth!
I loved it!!!
Ive tried many teeth whiting products in the past, but this is the best by far. This product is very easy to use and you see results very quicky. I am going to recommend this product to my friends because I love it sooooo much :)
Whites white ever
The best product I've ever tried....exactly what I wanted in whiting my teeth even more instead of paying extra money going to get them whiten. Thank you for this home kit now I can have my smile be prefect every time
Get your pearly whites back with Smile Bright
This system really works and I stand by it 100%. The results are amazing. The only thing I'd suggest is adding vitamin C to the kit to help with gum protection and sensitivity (I think it's vitamin C but don't quote me). I've been hesitant with going to go get my teeth whitening done and with this kit it allowed me to do my teeth whitening in the comfort of my home and give me the results I want as if I got it done at a professionally.

Fast Results
Was skeptical at first, but seen results within the first treatment. Can't wait until I see further results. .oh and shipping was fast too.. i recommend this product to anyone that's wants a whiter brighter smile!
Love, Love, Love this!! I was hopefull, but a little skeptical but let me tell you - IT WORKS!!! This is so simple and you see results after the first use!! If you want to upgrade you smile and a simple and cost effective way, this is it!!
Whiter Teeth are on the way!!!!
As many I heard many reviews on the product and was super excited to finally try it out myself. And the person who finally convinced me to give it a try was @Lyricrochester on Instagram and YouTube. After seeing her videos and reviews I was sold. So far I have to say I love the product. My husband looked at my smile after the first treatment and was so shocked, and so was I. I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone who wants whiter teeth, but doesn't want to spend bid bucks going to a professional.
my shiny white teeth and me
iv always wanted super white teeth, iv only tried one other method which was a random gel that never worked.
this product works great ! 
i like the little chart it comes with so i can really see the change it does. 
i always get compliments on how nice my teeth look now :D 
on the down side there are two things that i dont love about this product i dont like how sensetive my teeth feel the day after i use it BUT it does go away
and its alot to keep in your mouth for 30 minutes when its time to take it out its a little messy with saliva.
aside from that i love it and recomend it to anyone who wants white teeth!
Worked for my bf but not for me...idkw
Well, I was so excited to try this product because I saw great reviews. I tested my level and saw I was at 5 before I started. There was no change. I was disappointed. However, I encourage my bf to use it. He was at 11!!! and now he is a 6!!! GREAT! This product does work (except not for me) lol

Let the teeth whitening begin!
I just received my kit last week. The instructions were very easy to follow along with setting up everything. I had no issues with my first few sections and I'm already seeing that my teeth are about 2 shades whiter. Can't wait to see a brighter smile!
it works!!!!!!
I didnt have much of a way to go using the shade guide, but it still made a difference! Im very pleased!!
what a surprise
This products works very well. At first I was skeptical, but after a few treatments, it made me a believer.
Love it!
I thought it was honestly too good to be true, but I'm one to take chances, and I'm glad I did! It impressed me so much! It's to that point where I don't want anyone to know about it so it can be my secret and I can I have the whitest teeth! Haha but if you're reading this then buy it! I would only hesitate if you have sensitive teeth though, I don't but it hurts a little bit but not bad at all! It is so worth it!!
Everyone is different
In the beginning I didn't see much change. But, after a day of rest and continuing the treatments, i gradually did see my teeth get whiter.

This product is the truth!
With the first treatment i moved from a 6 to a 4. I can only image how fast i will get to 1. The shipping was a great experience for me, got mines in 5 days. Thank for making my smile bright :)
Just received my smile brite kit, very easy to use! So far use a couple of times and def see a difference already. Excited to see how brite my smile will get. Definitely recommend!
love this product
This product is worth every cent,love it
Great product!
Easy to use and you see results from the first session. I would definitely recommend this whitening kit!
I love this product!
This is such a great whitening produch and it's way faster than those crest whitening strips. You definitely see results after your first session and it gets better and better.

Product Tun UP
After each use my teeth gets whiter and brighter. will continue to use this product and I'm already recommending it others.
This whitener works wonders, I recently came out of braces, my teeth were stained. The Smile Bright worked great,my teeth look amazing. I will purchase this again,
Great product!
I previously used Crest 3D whitening strips which worked pretty well, but unfortunately I would have gum sensitivity after using them. I can honestly say I believe the Smile Bright system works better than I could have imagined! I will be using this more in the future!
I've tried all the teeth whitening products in the stores & of course no results that I was pleased with. I came across this on Instagram & decided to do my research for buying of course and everyone I seen was really pleased with the 
Product. I got it within no time & after the one try my teeth was already white! It was amazing and so fast! It is well worth the money! Can't wait to get them even whiter! Will recommend to everyone! Try it, you will be amazed!
I'm a Believer
After searching around Groupon for teeth whitening systems, I decided to try YouTube instead. Nothing like hearing a review from a person instead of a company, right? Anyway, I've never used these kinds of products before aside from toothpaste and was very skeptical. However, after watching a few videos I figured it was worth a shot. Believe me when I say it's totally worth it! Like I said, I've never whitened my teeth before and the proof was that my color was close to a #12! Yikes! But after the first 2 thirty-minute treatments, I went to a shade 9! Now, after using the product once a week (or every other week if I forget) I've gone down to a 3! Yeah, I said 3! It's amazing and I haven't even finished one tube yet. If you're trying to get your teeth whiter for a special event or need something more drastic, like I did, then give it a try! Trust me, you won't regret it. Oh and FYI, I have extremely sensitive gums and it didn't bother me one bit! Major plus!

Love it
I recently tried the Smile Brite whitening gel and was very pleased with the results. I had my teeth professionally whitened by my dentist and he made forms of teeth so I could buy gel from him for retouching. I was amazed that the Smile Brite gel worked as well as the product I purchase from him at a much greater price. I only wish I had found this before spending almost 500.00 for professional whitening at dentist
Tremendous Difference
I really enjoyed trying out this product. I will continue to by more Gel. I drink a lot of tea and I noticed a tramendous difference in the whiteness achieved.
whiter after first use
I've always had stained teeth from coffee, cigarettes ans everyday yellowing, but I noticed a difference after my first treatment. It does make my gums very sensitive but not my teeth. I think if I invest in some vitamin E oil and apply that to my gums before use it should help. great product!
Awesome Product!!
This is the best teeth whitening treatment I have used, you can see the results after the first use, and I highly recommend this product!
3 shades brighter
I used this product and it really does work well. It seemed to have taken the color of my teeth to about 2 shades brighter than before. With me being an avid coffee drinker, this helps with me with maintaining a brighter smile when I speak and present to clients.

Love this stuff it took my teeth from a 7 on the teeth chart to a 3! Will continue to use!
It works but i have a little problem
i have an open bite ( my teeth dont meet when my jaw is closed so theres like a space ) this makes it harder for the mouth piece to sit right so i dont get the full effect of the whitening process.
Omg!! It really works!!
After the first session, I could already see my teeth were whiter. I love this product. I've tried other whitening products but they never worked as good as this.
Great Product
The Best Ever
It really works
I tried this only 2 times and I can see my teeth whiter. Thank you so much and Im gonna keep using this product!! I tried other whitening stuff but this is the best. I just love it.

Best teeth whitening kit
You see results right away, my teeth got so much brighter after the first session and onto of that i had no sensitivity with this product unlike other products I've tried. I've gotten so many complements on my smile. This is well worth the money especially with the amount of gel you get. I am never going back to those drug store whitening kits.
I Love This Product
This product did just what it promised, my teeth were whiter within the first week. Now I don't have to spend hundreds of dollars for the dentist to whiten my teeth, I can do it on my own. It doesn't get any better than this
I used this treatment last night and doubted initially that it would make a difference but I was amazed at the results, especially as I have veneers on my top teeth which have discoloured. I could definitely see a difference and even my veneers were whiter. thank you
The best kit ever
Thank you so much Sarah... this kit is the best kit ever!!! I would really recommend this kit . I have being getting so much compliment on how beautiful my teeth is :) thz a million
I love it
Do far I have only used this product for 2 days and a total of 4 30 min session and u live it....i do naturally have sensitive teeth so after the 4th one my teeth became a but sensitive but it's not a big deal there were that way before I am going to continue to use this product because I have already saw a alot of results

Andrews Review
I received the product in a timely manner and I was pleased. The packaging looked a little unofficial, but I am happy with the products! Try it
simply amazing
This product is such a life saver. Love it!

I love it, it's simply amazing. This product works wonders in just minuets.

I love this product and I would recommend it to anyone, it ha made a huge difference on my teeth.

Smile Bright

Great product! Be patient while it does it work. You will have a brand new smile in a matter of a month.

Smile Bright teeth whitening
Excelent productttttt!!! I love ittttt <3 <3 <3
In the past I have spent a lot of money on in office dental whitening treatments. Spending the money on this is sooooo worth it. My teeth are actually alot whiter than when I went to the dentist and got it white. The customer service here of the best customer service I experience. I have been ranting and raving about how white my teeth is and honestly most of the time I don't have to say anything because people notice a major difference when I smile. I will continue to purchase from this company again..
Packaging and directions are just a perfect simple easy to follow guide. Rock star treatment with a rock star smile. Thanks Kay

love it
I love it, I would use it again. I can't stop smiling

It does a very good job but makes my teeth sensitive.
The whole kit will probably last me a while

Teeth whitening
Best thing ive ever tried! been trying to whiten my teeth for a while with other stuff but this is absolutely amazing and quick. recommended to everyone

Very Good
First time user. Followed the instructions by doing two 30-minute applications three times within a week. Noticed a significant amount of whitening. Only thing to note is my gums were a little sensitive after use. Good product.
I am smiling more then ever.
I love this product. It works great. I've had brown teeth all my life, but after using this product my teeth is bright and i am smiling more then ever. I would differently purchase this again.
So far so good
I have seen a slight difference in my teeth so far. I have not done the 2 thirty minute treatments back to back yet but I'm sure that once I start I will see a dramatic change. I am satisfied with my purchase.
I received the kit and have used it only 4 times and can already see a difference. Great product and great value!

1st Use
I have only used this the first time one session back to back and have seen that this kit has whitened up a shade already in the first use. Shipping was quick also. Will order refills!

I absolutely love it! Highly recommend it! I can not stop smiling! Oh, and I broke up with the other alleged whitening gels!

Works as Advised

I received my Smile Bright package today and could not believe the speediness of the delivery. Once it came in I immediately read the instructions and started my sessions. In the past, I have tried various teeth whitening treatments from whitening strip to baking soda and have not gotten instant results like I did today when I used my Smile package. I am amazed by the results and will DEFINITELY recommend this product to my friends. Thanks Smile Bright for bringing constant smiles. I cant wait to show off my whites after I finish the session!!!!
Two thumbs up!

The product and customer service is on point. Glad I tried. I recommend to everyone.
Love it.
I am so g to last me a very long time. I am so glad I tried this product. I have tried everything and nothing worked, but this did. My teeth feel amazing, nice and clean, and I could notice a difference after the first time I used the product. I have used a total of three times and have only used about 1/3 of the gel which means this product is going to last a very long time. I am so sick of other companies trying to scam and only give a very little. There is definitly more than enough and hands down it works. Highly recommend!

Ordered my kit, got tracking the next day, and delivered the next. 

Results speak for them selves. I cant stop smiling. This product makes me HAPPPPYYYYY (in my Pharell voice)

Love it
Just received it today and must say it works wonders. I definitely saw results after my second session and no sensitivity what so over on my gums. I'm very satisfied . Thanks SmileBright!!!
Great Product
I was amazed how great this product works.
I got my tooth kit within 3 days of ordering and started that night. I noticed a huge difference in just the first treatment. People were complimenting me and I couldnt stop smiling. :)

After 3 treatments I was shocked. Best thing is they do not look fake white but a pearl natural white. Glad I tried. Thanks Smile Bright!
* * * * *
I have tried everything and nothing works like this kit. I look and feel 10 years younger. I never knew how much whitening your teeth took off years of age. I went to my high school class reunion and everyone was telling me how great my teeth looked. So glad I tried Im a customer for life!

I purchased my kit and got it in the mail 3 days later just as expected. The kit works wonderful and the customer service is top notch. I am one happy customer, smiling bright!

Didnt believe until I tried this!!

I have to say this product is amazing. I have tried everything and nothing did the trick until I came across this. Now my teeth look great and no sensitivity. I can not stop looking at myself. Vain some people may call it, but I owe it all to Smile Bright. Thanks guys!
Highly Recommend!

I was referred to this company by my sister in law, she could not say enough good things about her teeth whitening kit, so obviously I had to try it. Now that I got my I know exactly what all the rant and rave is about. After my first treatment I can notice a difference, my teeth feel nice and clean and my mouth felt no sensitivity what so ever. Glad I listened and tried! :)
Feeling Brand New!
I am so excited that my teeth look so great. I can not thank you enough Smile Bright for making me smile again. :)
whoop whoop
best thing since sliced bread.

i have the most sensitive teeth of anyone i know, so I am not able to do the white strips or anything. I heard about this kit from a friend and she said I had to try it.... so happy I did. I was left with no sensitivity, and my smile looks like a million bucks. It was easy to use, step by step instructions and even pics! ha. :) No more yellowish teeth for me.

glad i tried
couldnt be happier. i have very sensitive teeth and cant even do the whitening strips. i tried this and it not only brightened my teeth quickly but it didnt hurt at all. i was very suprised and am glad i decided to try. yeah me! lol.

* * * * *
I started using my kit about 2 weeks after getting my braces off and it has made a world of difference. I had the built up stains from where my brackets were and they are no longer noticeable. Plus my teeth feel great. I love to smile and show off my new straight and white smile now.

I love this kit. It was sent to me quick, easy to use and the results are great. two thumbs up.

I could not be happier with my purchase. thank you Smile Bright for a great product.

Love my upgraded SMILE
I ordered the kit and I have to admit I am impressed. It worked fantastic, easy to use and my teeth are not sensitive at all. I highly recommend if you are interested in getting a product that actually works! I am a life time customer for sure!