2 at Home Instant Teeth Whitening Kits


Here is how it works:

When peroxide comes in contact with light it starts to break down, this is why peroxide is sold in a dark container in the stores.  We physically have you put an LED light to the gel to force it to break down at a faster pace.  What this does is force the gel to go into what is called an oxidation process.  While this is happening (the gel breaking down) it is going to start breaking down the stains on the surface of your teeth.  Luckily this is not powerful enough to break down the enamel on your teeth, so it is completely safe on your teeth, tongue, and gums.

You will feel your saliva start to build up when the mouth piece and light are in your mouth.  This is good, we like the saliva to mix with the gel to make sure it gets everywhere evenly,also the back of your teeth, and behind your teeth.

If the saliva builds up too much in your mouth, you can spit… if the solution is swallowed it is not going to harm you, but \ because it is foamy.

The reason why we recommend you do 2 sessions back to back is after the 30 minute wear time, the gel is all broken down.  After the 30 minute wear time rinse out your mouthpiece and reapply the gel and do for a second session.

 Each 60 minute treatment you will remove roughly 1-3 years of stains off your teeth.  This should cause no sensitivity, and you are able to drink and eat after the treatment is finished.  You will want to stay away from foods that will stain a white t-shirt for the next hour.  (example:  beets, berries, chili, red wine)

 Each Kit includes:

10 ml professional whitening gel   
 **good for 20 thirty minute treatments
mouth piece (upper and lower)
LED lighting system
shade guide
clear travel pack for storage.